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Welcome to Panpingo!

To play, click the "Choose Room" tab, enter a name, and then hit "Join Game".
The game is currently in beta so I appreciate any and all feedback!

Game Objective

Guess the word being drawn with the guess window on the right.
Correct guesses won't be shown to the other guessers.
The winner is whomever has the most points at the end of the game.

When Guessing

The faster you find the word, the more points you gain for that round.
There are no penalties for incorrect guesses. Guess anything and everything!
Once the word is found, the round will end 15 seconds later.

When Drawing

Don't spell out your word while drawing. Minimize the use of letters and numbers.
Giving hints will make it easier for others to guess your word, but you will get less points.
Choose the word you're most able to draw and skip your turn if you can't even draw that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game completely free?


I have a question/suggestion/bug report/word list/whatever. Can I contact you?

Sure, my email is:

Alternatively, you can make a post on the panpingo subreddit or tweet at me

The game isn't working. Why?

This game uses a lot of stuff only available in the latest browsers.

Try using the latest version of Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera/etc.

What are joobjoobs?

Joobjoobs are tokens that you get throughout the game.

The worse you do, the more you get. Use them to disrupt other guessers.

What do the numbers next to names mean?

They refer to the level on their registered account.

What do levels do?

Nothing at the moment other than show your experience compared to other players.

Legal Stuff

Thanks to and for the icons and emotes.

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